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The Great Box Mountains, hideous wallpaper, and earplugs

This is going to be a super short post and for that I am truly sorry. But I have good reasons. Between this (and no I don’t mean that hideous wallpaper behind the mountains of boxes)… and this (Edgefest 22)… where we saw people doing this (keep in mind this is a concert, and yes […]

5 Wednesday things

As I was packing up our everyday plates (aka plastic plates; see: above), I realized I was missing one of the six. I asked Jared if he knew what happened to the other plate and he fessed up – he melted the plate in the microwave. I can’t even be mad, I broke one of our […]

Strawberry mango margarita

There’s a reason for my tagline, figuring it out, one fail at a time. The following recipe is a testament to it. But let’s get real – it’s a margarita recipe, and who has ever had a bad margarita? Amiright? If you’ve had a bad margarita before, agree to disagree. Shall we? This is where […]

13 signs that packing sucks

Moving can mean many things. For me, it used to mean packing up a single bedroom and bathroom and possibly changing roommates. Oh how naïve I was in thinking those moves were difficult. Now that I’m married, packing means packing. Ya know what I’m sayin? The kind of packing that involves an entire house, including the home […]

April Anti-Boredom Project and moving

April means it’s moving month, which means April is packing month, which means April is I-don’t-have-time-for-anything month, which even thinking about makes me tired. When I was coming up with this month’s Anti-Boredom Project, I knew it had to be simple, easy and quick. Enter cocktails. Most likely packing, moving and keeping up with so-called […]