PB&J ice cream, thoughts on coconut milk and a running playlist

Did I mention to you that I’m running the BCS Half Marathon? Well, I am. And now you know.

This has made Shiner very happy. That dog would run all day if you let her. Not on a treadmill though. I think she would have a heart attack if we tried to get her on one of those.

I started training last week. Hello again, 5 am. I forgot that you existed at all. Coffee with coconut milk has actually made me excited to get out of bed when my alarm goes off. I don’t know what magic powers are at work here, but somehow I can face the ugliness of the butt-crack of dawn when armed with a cup of joe and coconut milk. I have found a new favorite food in coconut milk.

And then I found a recipe for PB&J ice cream made with coconut milk. Be still, my heart. I modified this recipe slightly and used a simple syrup of strawberries and agave nectar for the jelly. But I would recommend following the recipe and just using jelly.

What a weird word, jelly is. Jelly, jelly, jelly. The more you say it the weirder it gets. Jelly.

OK, I’ll stop.


Last one I promise.

PB&J Ice Cream

5 things I liked about making this

  1. Do I need to profess my undying love for coconut milk again? Probably not. But I do love it so.
  2. Peanut butter makes life better.
  3. It didn’t take too many turns around the ice cream maker to get this bad boy ready for the eating.
  4. I have decided to leave my ice cream maker bowl in the freezer at all times. You know, just in case there’s an ice cream emergency. Trust me, there are such things as ice cream emergencies. Times in life when you absolutely need ice cream to be able to cope. Trust me.
  5. My strawberry simple syrup concoction was delicious. I plan to use it for other recipes. Yipee!

5 things I didn’t like about making this

  1. I should have used regular jelly and not my simple syrup concoction. Even though it will be good for other recipes, I think this one would have benefited from the store bought stuff.
  2. I’m finding out more and more that Jared is not a big ice cream person. He prefers cookies of the gluten-free chocolate chip variety.
  3. I, on the other hand, am a HUGE ice cream fan. This could be problematic.
  4. If you don’t hear from me in two weeks, please assume that I’m face first in a bowl of ice cream, and send help STAT.
  5. This stuff sets up like concrete once you throw it in the freezer. You might want to set it out for a bit to prevent having to wrestle with the ice cream scoop.


When I was training for my first half marathon, I posted my running playlists and distances at wannaberunner.com. Wednesday’s playlist came from my Run playlist (original, right?):

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