I’m back, new stuff and we talk paleo

Hello there! Do you remember me? I know it’s been some time since we last talked, but good friends can do that, right?


So since we last talked some things have happened (like 2 months worth of things, but who’s counting?). We added a new member to our family. Meet baby Tucker (aka Monster):


We tailgated a lot.

While I’m sad that regular games of college football are over, I’m super excited to have my weekends back.

And there was that thing called Halloween and the other one called Thanksgiving. And now we’re here. OMG it’s almost December. I can’t believe it!

Now that the elephant has been talked about, let’s get on with the real purpose of this post

I’m going to start doing something a little different, and maybe some of you will find it helpful. When I’ve been talking to people about eating paleo, the main question I get is, “what do you eat?” A few have requested that I post what I eat throughout the week. So you’ll be seeing some of that. That also means that I’ll be posting more paleo recipes. Yay!

Please keep in mind a few things:

  • I’ve seen several different versions of paleo, and I am by no means an expert or a registered anything. If you’re just starting paleo or thinking about it some good websites to check out are Loren Cordain’s website, Everyday Paleo or Robb Wolf’s website.
  • I’m not always 100 percent paleo, so if you see something on my list that isn’t kosher, just roll with it. Now that football is over, I’m kind of on a strict-paleo-til-Christmas kick, but most of the time I try to eat paleo 90 percent of the time (averages out to about 3 splurges over the course of one week of meals).
  • My diet is pretty dang boring, but what I’ve found is that boring can be good. For me boring equals consistent which helps me create habits that I’m more likely to keep.
  • For me paleo was a step-by-step process. I gave up gluten first, then sugar, then dairy. And all that happened over 6 months. How do you eat an elephant? One bite a time. Jason Seib talks about this in his post about baby steps.

Sidebar – two elephant references in one post, that has to be some sort of record.


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