Easy pulled pork rice bowl

Hi friends! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy MLK Jr. Day and Hello February! Whew. It’s been a while. And now that we’re done with all that, a recipe: Easy pulled pork rice bowl Serves 1 This is unbelievably easy. And it’s a really awesome recipe after you’ve made pulled pork (to be even more […]

Baked eggs

I think everyone has their own version of baked eggs. I’ve seen them everywhere and I’ve seen many ways of doing them, but I’ve found that no matter how you mix up the ingredients, you must have the right vessel to hold your eggy goodness. Enter Reynolds Foil Baking Cups. I am convinced this is […]

Beefy breakfast balls

I made these beefy breakfast balls the other day on a whim. And omigosh they are so good! I’m calling them beefy breakfast balls because I love alliteration, but really they are good anytime. These are good hot or cold, for breakfast or supper, with boiled eggs or fried eggs. By-the-by I lost my charger for my nice […]

What do you eat?

One of the biggest questions I get when explaining paleo (after the initial, “what’s that?”) is, “so wait, what do you eat then?” This post is in response to that question. I thought I’d post a just one typical day of eating paleo, before I start posting by weeks. As I said before, I am […]

I’m back, new stuff and we talk paleo

Hello there! Do you remember me? I know it’s been some time since we last talked, but good friends can do that, right? Right. So since we last talked some things have happened (like 2 months worth of things, but who’s counting?). We added a new member to our family. Meet baby Tucker (aka Monster): […]