Things to do when your husband is on the phone with tech support

Before we get into this post I just have to announce that REI is awesome. Have y’all seen this 13 Essential Tools for Surviving a Zombie Outbreak? Please see Figure 1…I think I’m in love. We now return to your previously scheduled program… I’ve made it pretty clear time and time again that my husband […]

PB&J ice cream, thoughts on coconut milk and a running playlist

Did I mention to you that I’m running the BCS Half Marathon? Well, I am. And now you know. This has made Shiner very happy. That dog would run all day if you let her. Not on a treadmill though. I think she would have a heart attack if we tried to get her on one […]

A whole, entire year

Today is our one-year wedding anniversary. I started out today’s post as “what I’ve learned from one year of marriage.” Then I realized that while that’s important, it’s not what I really wanted to say. The last year has meant the world to me, but it’s really the last 3 and a half years of […]

There can only be one explanation for this – aliens.

I often go to bed earlier than my better half. Jared is most definitely a night owl, while I turn into a pumpkin at approximately 9 p.m. If I’m on the couch, I start to fall asleep. If I’m in bed, I fall asleep. If I’m standing up…you get the picture. Every. Time. So it’s no […]

A weekend of firsts

This weekend we: Watched my mom become a Fightin’ Texas Aggie former student. I promise she’s somewhere in there. Took our first family picture since I can’t remember when (even though husbands and nephews aren’t pictured). Watched Harper spend a whole dinner with her hand properly secured in her refried beans (no playing, no eating, […]