Things to do when your husband is on the phone with tech support

Before we get into this post I just have to announce that REI is awesome. Have y’all seen this 13 Essential Tools for Surviving a Zombie Outbreak? Please see Figure 1…I think I’m in love. We now return to your previously scheduled program… I’ve made it pretty clear time and time again that my husband […]

A whole, entire year

Today is our one-year wedding anniversary. I started out today’s post as “what I’ve learned from one year of marriage.” Then I realized that while that’s important, it’s not what I really wanted to say. The last year has meant the world to me, but it’s really the last 3 and a half years of […]

There can only be one explanation for this – aliens.

I often go to bed earlier than my better half. Jared is most definitely a night owl, while I turn into a pumpkin at approximately 9 p.m. If I’m on the couch, I start to fall asleep. If I’m in bed, I fall asleep. If I’m standing up…you get the picture. Every. Time. So it’s no […]

We’re officially moved

Goodbye hideous wallpaper…   Fair the well teeny, tiny, dingy, dirty, disgusting kitchen…   Adios treeless backyard…   Cause we’re officially moved!!! It needs new carpet (which will be coming on Saturday), and we’re not quite out of boxes… But it already feels more like our first home, than our first home ever felt. I’ll […]

5 Wednesday things

As I was packing up our everyday plates (aka plastic plates; see: above), I realized I was missing one of the six. I asked Jared if he knew what happened to the other plate and he fessed up – he melted the plate in the microwave. I can’t even be mad, I broke one of our […]