PB&J ice cream, thoughts on coconut milk and a running playlist

Did I mention to you that I’m running the BCS Half Marathon? Well, I am. And now you know. This has made Shiner very happy. That dog would run all day if you let her. Not on a treadmill though. I think she would have a heart attack if we tried to get her on one […]

Photo shoot with Shiner

It’s not often that I inundate you with pictures of the brown dog, but today I must. We are moving and the leasing agent we are working with asked for pictures of Shiner. I just had to show you the ridiculousness of our photo shoot. This is unusual because she actually looks halfway normal in […]

Shiner, do you need to go outside?

I know, I know, punctuation in the headline, again! Totally. Worth. It. I came home to a crazy dog this afternoon. She either wanted to go outside or she was hungry. I’ll let you be the judge of which one. By the way, outside is not code for sit in our house. Note the smile. […]

Shiney Dogs doing Shiney-Dog things

Shiney Dogs are good at many things.

But they are especially excellent at two:
1. Fetching Shiney-Dog toys