Easy pulled pork rice bowl

Hi friends! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy MLK Jr. Day and Hello February! Whew. It’s been a while. And now that we’re done with all that, a recipe: Easy pulled pork rice bowl Serves 1 This is unbelievably easy. And it’s a really awesome recipe after you’ve made pulled pork (to be even more […]

I’m back, new stuff and we talk paleo

Hello there! Do you remember me? I know it’s been some time since we last talked, but good friends can do that, right? Right. So since we last talked some things have happened (like 2 months worth of things, but who’s counting?). We added a new member to our family. Meet baby Tucker (aka Monster): […]

Stuffed in Seattle

I’m not sure if there are enough adjectives available to describe just how much fun we had in Seattle. As a bonus, neither of us had ever been to any part of Washington, so it was cool to be able to add another state to the “where we’ve traveled” list. Thank you so much, David Leite for […]

5 Wednesday things

As I was packing up our everyday plates (aka plastic plates; see: above), I realized I was missing one of the six. I asked Jared if he knew what happened to the other plate and he fessed up – he melted the plate in the microwave. I can’t even be mad, I broke one of our […]

Fancy up your stand mixer

I have my friend Sarah to thank for this lovely, awesome decal she made for my stand mixer. I cannot take any credit for its brilliance. Despite the fact that the decal is slightly crooked due to user error (everything I do is a little off kilter), es perfecto! Muchas gracias, Sarah. You see, Sarah […]