PB&J Fruit Bars

I found Larabars about a year ago. And I fell in love. So did Jared. Especially with the PB&J kind (which, by the way, taste just like a PB&J sandwich). But they can be pricey. I mean $1.25 for one little snack seems a bit ridiculous. Then I found a recipe to make them at […]

Football, football, football and gluten-free snacks

Football season is upon us once again. It really is the greatest season of all. Each and every year our beloved football season rolls around and we rejoice in knowing that Saturdays will be spent in one of two ways: 1) tailgating all day, then walking to Kyle Field to watch the Aggies play, or […]

Paleo piña colada ice cream

Before I post this recipe there are 3 important things I have to tell you: I started CrossFit yesterday. Pray for me. While I have never aspired to be a magician, I do think magic is awesome. And I never thought I’d be able to do a magic trick (except for that weird thumb thing […]

PB&J ice cream, thoughts on coconut milk and a running playlist

Did I mention to you that I’m running the BCS Half Marathon? Well, I am. And now you know. This has made Shiner very happy. That dog would run all day if you let her. Not on a treadmill though. I think she would have a heart attack if we tried to get her on one […]

Blackberry Ice Cream (GF and Dairy Free)

Sometimes being a grown up sucks. Sometimes, the transmission goes out in your only vehicle and they can’t fix it until Friday. Sometimes, it just so happens the day it goes out is a Monday (Can I go back to bed and please start over?). On those days, you need ice cream. It’s absolutely, extremely, super-imperative that […]