Bacon, have I told you lately that I love you?

It’s true – I do love bacon. But I also love squash. All kinds of squash. I love zucchini squash, crooked-necked squash, spaghetti squash, butternut squash and I recently found a new favorite – acorn squash. Holy Mother, it’s some good sheet. To me, there is no more natural pairing than bacon and squash. Except maybe […]

Paleo sloppy joe sweet potatoes

I just love sloppy Joe’s. They have always been one of my favorite foods and being a grown up hasn’t changed that at all (except for the whole I don’t eat them on a bun anymore). Now when I eat them, they make me reminisce about being in elementary school. If only I could be back […]

Things to do when your husband is on the phone with tech support

Before we get into this post I just have to announce that REI is awesome. Have y’all seen this 13 Essential Tools for Surviving a Zombie Outbreak? Please see Figure 1…I think I’m in love. We now return to your previously scheduled program… I’ve made it pretty clear time and time again that my husband […]

PB&J Fruit Bars

I found Larabars about a year ago. And I fell in love. So did Jared. Especially with the PB&J kind (which, by the way, taste just like a PB&J sandwich). But they can be pricey. I mean $1.25 for one little snack seems a bit ridiculous. Then I found a recipe to make them at […]

Football, football, football and gluten-free snacks

Football season is upon us once again. It really is the greatest season of all. Each and every year our beloved football season rolls around and we rejoice in knowing that Saturdays will be spent in one of two ways: 1) tailgating all day, then walking to Kyle Field to watch the Aggies play, or […]